How I got better at journalling Apr 21

How I got better at journalling

Over the last 18 months or so, I’ve been journalling regularly and it’s made a huge difference to my mental health. My therapist is thrilled but unsurprised (lol).

I’ve always found a lot of value in processing thoughts...

Using `Hash#fetch` in Ruby for better nil handling Mar 13

Using Hash#fetch in Ruby for better nil handling

Pulling values out of a Hash in Ruby is simple with the [] method, but problems can occur when the value you’re looking up isn’t there. This can result in cumbersome nil checks, or our absolute favourite...

What is State? Why do I need to manage it? Sep 13

Read my thoughts on state over at egghead

Creating a Welcoming Space for Beginners Mar 19

Before I became a programmer, I was a teacher. For the most part, I taught academic English to speakers of other languages at a University. Although I’ve switched careers, I find that my teaching experience becomes applicable very frequently in my...

Becoming Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable Feb 18

Last time I blogged I wrote about how programming was something that comes unnaturally to me. The post seemed to resonate with lots of people — several reached out to share their own experiences, which was extremely encouraging. If you ever want to...

Continuing your learning as a post-beginner programmer (part 1) Feb 18

If you’re anything like me, your process for learning something new — say, a javascript framework, a design pattern, or a language — looks something like this:

  1. Read the documentation, check out a basic tutorial, and get Hello World up and running...

Becoming a better developer, day by day Feb 18

I’ve been experiencing a lot of anxiety lately about my life as a developer. The narrative will be familiar to anyone who’s ever pursued programming in a meaningful way; even if you write code every day, and learn something new every day, the nagging...

Continuing your learning as a post-beginner programmer (part 3) Feb 17

Missed Part 1? Or Part 2? Read them for more strategies on how to continue your learning as a programmer.

Hands up if this has ever happened to you:

You’ve been learning something new, and maybe working with it for a few weeks. You run into a problem...

Continuing your learning as a post-beginner programmer (part 2) Feb 16

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Read part three here

In part one of this series, I talked about a few different things you can do to continue your learning as a post-beginner programmer. In this part, I’ll be talking about a few more strategies to help your learning...

Review: Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS by Jonathan Snook Oct 20

Over the last year I’ve become increasingly frustrated with CSS. I used to be its champion; when people moaned about how touchy and picky CSS is, I told them “It’s really not that hard! You probably have a specificity problem, let’s take a look”