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How I got better at journalling

How I got better at journalling Over the last 18 months or so, I’ve been journalling regularly and it’s made a huge difference to my mental health. My therapist is thrilled but unsurprised… Read Article →

Using `Hash#fetch` in Ruby for better nil handling

Using Hash#fetch in Ruby for better nil handling Pulling values out of a Hash in Ruby is simple with the [] method, but problems can occur when the value you’re looking up isn’t there… Read Article →

What is State? Why do I need to manage it?

Read my thoughts on state over at egghead Read Article →

Better Code Review

I recently read an article by Max Bittker called "How to Review Code You Don't Understand" , and it got me to thinking about times when I've been tasked with doing just that. One of the… Read Article →

Creating a Welcoming Space for Beginners

Before I became a programmer, I was a teacher. For the most part, I taught academic English to speakers of other languages at a University. Although I’ve switched careers, I find that my… Read Article →

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